Protect Your Feet While Running


You’re still committed to your New Year’s goals, including running for fitness, right? Right? Hello?

My friend, Mark Iocchelli, is a disciple of the POSE Method of running, and he’s written some tips and ideas on how to avoid one of the most painful foot injury out there: plantar fascitis.

It’s a lot to go into here, and the best part is that Mark includes videos as instruction for how to get done what he’s talking about, but essentially, it’s all in how you hold your body with relation to how you run, such that you’re pitching forward a little. Check out his full article below.

And by the way, if you consider yourself a “competitive” runner, get in touch with Mark about a Runner’s World Article.

The Pose Method to Prevent and Treat Plantar Fascitis – [Complete Running]

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