Productivity Tools for Windows


Download Squad has a trio of software applications to help Windows users with their productivity. The first two, Taskbar Shuffle and Visual Taskbar Tips, are interesting in that they’re similar to features you use regularly in the Firefox web browser. Rearranging tabs and getting tiny visual previews of a task are browser functionality that’s now coming down to the Windows shell via these add-ons. The third, Dexpot, is a virtual desktop manager, and is very useful for getting the most “real estate” out of your monitor.

Between these three tools I’ve significantly improved my workflow because I no longer have to hold things in my own brain as a sort of temporary RAM. Instead, I just dump everything into the computer in real-time, and let the computer manage the data. I can scan through what I’m working on faster as a result.

Three Productivity Boosters for Windows – [Download Squad]

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