Productive Interview Series is a quick four questions interview, targets on productive people who have been changing their work/life style with life hacks and self-development tips. The following are the answers from Patrick Rhone, a Mac guru and blogger.

Who are you?

Patrick Rhone. I am the resident “Mac Guru” at a private 4 year liberal arts college. I also own and operate my own Macintosh Consulting business. I am also recently married and raise two teenage sons. My personal blog is focussed mainly on the things I am interested in and/or obsess over. This includes productivity, web apps, organization, Moleskines, paper pr0n, Macs and Ubuntu with some posts about my personal life thrown in occasionally to let folks know I have one.

What have you done to increase your productivity?

Getting Things Done is a big influence to me but not the only one. I would say that it’s concepts and practices have probably had the greatest day-to-day impact on my productivity. The main thing for me is to make sure I get everything out of my head, off of my desk, out of my Inbox and put it somewhere, anywhere, that I can process later.

What is your best life hack?

Using the three greatest productivity tools ever invented with ninja-like precision – The Delete Key, The Trash Can and The Word “No”

What are your favorite posts at

Not sure if it helps, or even quallifies, but I love the Lifehack Commuity list that has been set up at Listible:

I think it is a great idea.

That being said, the posts always seem to be useful, interesting and worth while.

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