Productive Interview Series: Introduction


I am always curious on what make people successful. I like to study their strong attributes and skills and I will try to learn those and see if they fit me. That’s why I’ve created, just to track what I can learn on others’ productivity, life hacks, and self-management.

This gives me an idea – if we are tracking this passively – through what they write in their blogs and journals – how about if the team contacts them directly and ask them on some quick tips? Hence a new series at is created – called Productive Interview Series, where we will interview some productive people we know throughout my time at We will reach out other contacts who we are not familiar with as well.

If you are productive with your life and work, and want to be proactive – please contact us – tips at and we would love to include you into the series.

For a good start, I’ve asked four simple questions to Patrick Rhone, who is one of my new contacts in the blogsphere. Stay tuned for the next post.

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