Procrastination Hacks


Over at 43Folders, Merlin has posted a great article on procrastinators. He called his method (10+2)*5. What is it? It is a set of procedures that help you get into habit on concentrating a set amount of timeframe on tasks.

He says set yourself 10 mins for working on a single task.
Then give yourself 2 mins break.
Repeat 5 times on the first and second step.

Sounds easy? But it will be effective once you are used to this – Yes your brain will just accept it as a regular habit after you do that for many times (Professional says you may need 21 days for a procedure or task to get into your habit.):

…“(10+2)*5” can be adapted in any number of ways (change any of the three numerals to your liking), but remember: these goofy hacks only work because you’re a pathetic bastard like me whose mind can be tricked into work as easily as it can be lulled into torpor. Set your rules, follow your rules, and keep moving forward. Snap that procrastination by slipping your work through the back door…

Procrastination hack: “(10+2)*5” – [43Folders – Hat tip to Vitali!]

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