Presentation Zen became one of my favorite blogs – It has another detailed post on Steve Jobs’ presentation style. This time Garr has focused on Steve’s style of conversational presentation:

… What has always made Steve Jobs such a great presenter is that he seems relaxed and informal in tone and style (yet gracious), as if he were having a conversation with a group of friends at home in the backyard. There are no magic tricks to his success nor is his effective style the result of years of dramatic study. Yes, his slides are simple and stunning, and his speaking synchs perfectly with the visuals. That’s very important. But the essence of his masterful style is something many (most?) people can achieve in their own unique way. The secret is to communicate in front of a large group the same way you do everyday when you are talking with your spouse or your best friend down at the local Starbucks. The key is to look at presentations as conversations…

He highlighted that one should use the same way you do a conversation with your friend and family in presentation so that your unique personality will come out and the presentation will not feel as disconnected as formal and dull ones.

Steve Jobs’ presentation style…and all that jazz – [Presentation Zen]

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