Presentation Hack: Flickr Backup


Imagine the scene: you’re at a conference, about to present on the latest application your company is proud to offer, and moments before going onstage, you realize you’ve left the usb drive with the presentation in your other bag. You’ve got nothing. Your backup copy isn’t handy. Whatever the case. Or… maybe you just don’t want to travel with all kinds of gear.

Use Flickr.

(This presumes that you have a Flickr account and internet access.)

Flickr as a Presentation Tool

  1. Save all your slides as .jpg from whatever software you used to compose them. *It occurs to me that it’d be fun to do your presentation by taking all kinds of interesting photos and then putting the words you want on the “slide” in the framing of the picture you take. I might try this myself)
  2. Create a new photo set for the slideshow.
  3. Upload the photos. (Remember, they will be “first in, first on the screen,” so think about that when you load the files in. You can’t change it, I don’t think.)
  4. Add these photos to the photo set.
  5. Present to an appreciative room.

This might also make for an easy-to-understand web presentation tool for small businesses or organizations who don’t want (or can’t afford) to buy PowerPoint or Keynote. If nothing else, it’s yet another way to present information. And if you use that micro-hack I put in there about taking photos with the points somehow incorporated into the setting of the photo, let me know. I’d love to see it.

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