Presentation Excellence Slides by Tom Peters


Tom Peters, the author of Re-imagine!, has a silde deck called Presentation Excellence. It contains 56 ways for increasing the quality of your presentation. It is a good piece of information. Examples like:

1. Total commitment to the Problem/Project/Outcome
2. A compelling “Story line”/“Plot”
3. Enough data to sink a tanker (98% in reserve)
4. Know the data from memory; ability to manipulate the data in your head
5. Great stories/Illustrations/Vignettes
6. Superb “political antennae” (you must “play the room” like a Virtuoso and be hyper-attentive to the likes of Body Language)
7. By hook or by crook … CONNECT

As Michael from Working Smart pointed out, the presentation slides’ quality does not live up with the ways mentioned – like 16. No more than ONE point per slide! and 17. Slides: NO CLUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (no wee print/ charts/graphs).

Download Presentation Excellence slides – [Tom Peters via Working Smart]

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