Want one quick tip that will improve your health almost immediately? Stand up straighter.

The best trick I learned for this was from a chiropractor/massage therapist/yoga master type guy. He said, “Stand up, and imagine your spine, especially where it touches the base of your neck. Imagine that cross of your shoulders and your spine. Now, imagine theres a big strong cable loop there, awaiting a hook. Attach the hook and pull from the back of your neck straight up towards the ceiling, and let your bones fall into place.”

It’s hard to explain this without the visual, but it looked almost like being a hanging holiday ornament.

Walking straight and tall, sitting straight and tall, and working with the proper posture will improve your health instantly. It makes for better breathing, less muscle straing, less fatigue.

Just keep remembering this: pull on the hook. It reminds you to align your back, neck, and shoulders just so.

–Chris Brogan keeps a blog at [chrisbrogan.com]. He works for Network2.

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