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For whatever reason I have never been one to keep a calendar on my wall. If they’re not too small to write in, they’re too big to put anywhere near your work space. Plus who likes writing vertically?

Recently, I came up with a handy little hack that works for me and makes use of all these little post-it notes I get from surplus medical office supplies. It’s the Post It Note Calendar.

post it note calendar pad

The way this works is simple. Get your post-it note pad and take off about 30 pieces to put up on your wall, while labeling each with a number, 1-31, for the days of the month. This month my calendar goes up to 28, but for March I’ll have it up to 31. Think of 30boxes.

I line 7 post-its, for each day in a week, in each row – Monday to Sunday – so I can keep a visual track of the week ahead. When I want to add an item to a day I can just pull off the corresponding post-it, fill it in, and then stick it back up! No writing on the wall. If I can’t fit everything on one post-it, I can add another over the top.

post it note calendar double on top
I like this calendar is because I can view two months within the 30-31 days. When a day passes, it becomes a day in the following month. The 25th of February was yesterday, so now it is the 25th of March. Every day before that is now a day in March, so I can add events for March already.

If a note has been used, next month I will just replace it by grabbing a new post-it and adding it’s date. If I need my schedule on the go, I can grab today’s post-it and stick it in my car, on my fridge or on top of my equally frugal Hipster PDA!

It’s simple, cheap and can be completely tweaked to suit your visual and organizational style.

[I’ll post photos soon, but I’m sure you get the idea.]

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