Podcasts from Podcast Academy 2 in Boston


Podcast Academy 2 wrapped up in Boston on Saturday with a reminder that the next Podcast Academy will be hosted by Yahoo! in Santa Clara, California shortly. One great thing about the hosts of THIS session, Boston University, was that their crack team of AV people had the podcasts and presentations up on the web in almost no time. Counting the live streaming media that was made available, it brought the time from creation of the content to getting it to market down rapidly.

The shows, the presentation materials around them, and more are available for free at Boston University’s website. The general feeling from the thought leaders in attendance, and from a growing number of people in the audience is that Podcasting in some form or another (audio or video) will be the next big force in this new media revolution. The biggest take home lessons of the session were:

  • Just start. Don’t worry about perfection. Just hit record and learn.
  • Lots of people will have a chance to share what they know as ‘trusted experts,’ because so many people want to know it right now (1996 anyone?)
  • It can be used in many ways (Duke gives iPods to their students, and then both students and teachers produce content for those portable devices).

Podcast Academy 2 Matrials – [Boston University]

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