PocketMod: Flash Generating Paper Organizer


Another cool tool that surfaced on the Internet is called PocketMod. You can create a 8 pages paper organizer using a Flash program online. There are couple of templates available for you to drag and drop and customize your organizer. There are lines and grids, calendar in daily, monthly and yearly view, todo list, contacts etc. Once you have made up your mind on your customized template, you can hit print and it will send it to your printer directly:


The PocketMod is a new way to keep yourself organized. Lets face it, PDA’s are to expensive and cumbersome, and organizers are bulky and hard to carry around. Nothing beats a folded up piece of paper. That is until now. With the PocketMod, you can carry around the days notes, keep them organized in any way you wish, then easily transfer the notes to your PDA, spreadsheet, or planer.

The PocketMod is a small book with guides on each page. These guides or templates, combined with a unique folding style, enable a normal piece of paper to become the ultimate note card. It is hard to describe just how incredibility useful the PocketMod is. It’s best that your just dive in and creating one…

PocketMod Homepage and Introduction [via Geek Night]
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