PigPog's Moleskine PDA Updated


You know you want a real good reason to really use a Moleskine. Admit it: you own one that’s not getting a lot of ink (well, there’s just so beautiful– you can’t just… write on it!) Enter: the PogPog PDA.

Michael has a killer system here, complete with what I’ve come to realize is what was missing with my attempts at using a paper PDA: a way to deal with what’s active (Michael has active tabs- little colorful stickies to bookmark where something needs action).

He’s thorough, so be warned. This isn’t just a, “click, oh-that’s-neat, dump” experience. You’re going to want to actually read the whole layout. I think you’ll realize the benefits of doing so immediately, even if you quibble over some of the details.

PigPog PDA – [via PigPog]

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