Personal Reminder Hack


My friend, Adam Weiss from Boston Behind the Scenes, told me about a cool little hack he uses to leave himself reminders via his cell phone:

For years, I’ve been using the voice recorder function of my cell phone to leave myself little notes. It’s a great way to remind yourself of things when you don’t have time to write a note — that is, if you ever listen to the recordings.

After the second or third time hearing about that party “next week” a month later, I came across k7 will give you a free phone number and voicemail box. When you get a message — here’s where the magic is — they will email you the sound recording. Now, when you get home, you’ll be reminded to listen exactly at the point where you are able to write something in your calendar or look it up online.

This voicemail-to-email system combines the ease of a voice note with the inherent “to do” that is email.

K7 – [via Adam Weiss]

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