Personal Productivity Playing Cards


Productivity blogger Matthew Cornell shares his ideas on productivity teaching. Inspired by varies playing cards for education, he thinks a Personal Productivity Playing Cards would helpful for people to learn modern personal productivity concepts:

… I really like the idea of using cards for education, esp. in group settings. I think Roger von Oech’s Creative Whack Pack (cards) is awesome, and I really enjoy pulling out my deck of Oblique Strategy cards when I need some inspiration. Two others neat decks include 2006 Drivers of change cards (“What will our world be like in 2050? This set of cards identifies some of the leading drivers of change that affect our future.”) and IDEO’s Method cards for design.

But by far the neatest deck (and the one that made me think of cards for personal productivity) is the Extreme Programming Playing Cards that Joshua Kerievsky et. al. put together [2]. First, the cards are physically satisfying to play with – solid, smooth, and attractive. More importantly, they’ve come up with some clever games to play with them [3].

So the idea is to create a set of cards – and some corresponding games – that participants can use to learn modern personal productivity concepts, in order to handle modern life’s information overload…

Interesting idea.. and he has already generated the card types and example games.

Personal Productivity Playing Cards – [Matt’s Idea Blog]

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