Overcoming Procrastination The Easy Way


Matt Inglot has an idea on how to overcome his procrastination. He thinks it is simple and it does not require discipline. He tries to kill his procrastination by takeing on activities which forcefully fill up his time:

… I’ve had a particularly busy schedule for the past two years, and the results have been very interesting. Not only have I been getting things done through the sheer force of having to do so, but overtime I’ve naturally grown to appreciate time. My instinct to procrastinate is far weaker than before and as I internalize the idea of getting things done instead of procrastinating I am quite capable of making use of my time effectively without the external forces present. This is a key achievement for me in relation to running my own business, as there is rarely anyone outside of the government that forces me to do anything at all in that area…

Does it work? It works for him. However in my opinion the outcome may be varies for different people. Also by forcefully filling up the time with tasks, it may defeat the purpose of enjoying pressure-free and mind-free after overcoming procrastination.

Overcoming Procrastination The Easy Way – [Matt Inglot]

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