If you feel all those RSS feeds overwhelm you, you should try this method suggested by Stephen Nipper at rethink(ip). Stephen said whenever you have new RSS feed lands onto your news aggregator, you should put all of them to a folder called “Probation”. Then once a month, run through and promote any rss feed that worth to read in regular time into categorize folders:

… Most aggregators allow you to create “groups” for your blogs. I have groups for “blawgs,” “bored,” “technology,” etc. (see a picture below). The most important group of all is called “Probation.” Into the Probation group goes every new blog I add to my aggregator. EVERY one. Consider it a quarantine tank for your RSS aquarium. Once a month, go through your Probation group and cull the herd, promoting some to the big leagues, while giving others the boot…

Of course when the feed is not worthwhile, remove them from Probation to avoid spending your time on it.

Controlling RSS Overload…Animal House Style – [rethink(ip) via Creative Inteligencia]

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