Organize yourself with Whiteboard


Over at Lifehack.Community, user cgr (Charles) has posted a very useful article on how whiteboard can make you more organized at home. What are the things which is useful to keep track with whiteboard at home? He also suggested some other tips like communicating with others at home through whiteboard:

… This whiteboard has allowed us to condense at least 5 lists into one convenient location. Placing the whiteboard in the kitchen insures that my fiancé and I both actively review the board without actually having to set aside time to do so. I have found that the whiteboard has really improved our communication. Normally, I wouldn’t call up my fiancé while she is working to say “hey, we need bread”. I expect the same thing from her. When stuff like that happens, we tend to screen our calls. If my fiancé is calling, I know it’s important because we have a place for communicating less important items…

Good piece of life hack!

Using Whiteboards for Home Organization – [cgr @ Lifehack.Community]

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