JeffB at Lifehack.Community has posted his tips on how to optimize your bathing – you’ll be out of the shower faster and likely cleaner. He suggested to use washcloth loaded with soap:

… How often do we evaluate our showering habit? I never had before past noticing in movies or commercials that holding a bar of soap in one hand and rubbing it all over your body wasn’t washing very well in my eyes. I also always boggled at people who would enter and exit a shower in 5-7 minutes (you basically got yourself wet and kind put some soap here and there and got out).

My unconscious routine was to wash my hair, then lather, wash, and rinse (each): arms, chest and shoudlers, 1 leg, other leg, err…”front”, “back”, face, one pit, other pit. I would come out squeaky clean and then give myself a good toweling all over so that I was totally dry…

I tend to jump out of the shower faster because the longer you staying in the shower, the more body oil it will wash out. Especially with my skin type and in winter it will become very dry and not moisturized after the shower. His tips may able to help this situation a lot.

Optimize Your Bathing
– [JeffB @ Lifehack.Community]

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