Open Source USB Privacy Suite


Traveling Forever has a very informative and useful article on how to set up a USB stick for encryption and anonymous surfing, if you’re concerned about your internet privacy, especially when it comes to your government’s use of your data.

You see, there are fundamental problems with the way the internet was designed in regards to security and privacy. Every email message or web address sent unencrypted (probably every message you’ve sent unless you’re into cryptography) bounces and is routed through open relays around the world, with the potential for snooping at every bounce. The average request for a website bounces through around 12 open relays. That means there are twelve opportunites to monitor your request, without your knowledge.

The post is about setting up a USB software suite that the site reports will give you the following abilities:

o Your web surfing patterns are much more difficult to monitor
o Your email is safe from massive snooping
o Your possession of the software is deniable – even when you give someone the password for your key and your actual key
o Cover traffic for people and human rights workers in oppressive regimes
o Freedom of thought everywhere (Hopefully)

Even if you’re not especially worried about your government spying on you, the software mentioned has nice security features that will increase your protection against other threats as well.

How to Protect Yourself From Big Brother – [Traveling Forever]

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