Online Document Collaboration Tool - 37Signals' Writeboard


37Signals has released new new online software called Writeboard. It is simple text editing tool with a twist of storing each of your each edit save into different versions – you can edit, roll back to any version you want, or compare changes between versions. It is sort of like version control system such as SVN, but it is way simpler, online & web based, and focus on one document only:


Writeboard makes editing easy and safe. Every time you save an edit a new version is created and linked in the sidebar. This allows you to write without fear of deleting something, overwriting something, or losing a better version of the document from last week.

Writeboard encourages you to explore ideas wherever they may lead. Don’t like what you wrote? Just click a previous version and you’re back to the way you had it before.

It can be treated as a quick scribble place for different people do edit document online. It is not feature rich but it does the job of collaborating and editing a text document.

Writeboard – Write, share, revise, compare – [37Signals]

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