Windows-mostly. And this is really just a micro hack. I use this functionality ALL the time, and it makes surfing lots of things at once really easy. Otherwise, just read the Hooters post twice. : )

Boy, that clickwheel is killer for web browsing, but not just because of scrolling. Do you know this already?

In Firefox, if you push down the clickwheel while clicking on a link, it opens a new tab. Done with that page, push the clickwheel on that tab and it goes away.

That’s it. That one functionality makes it easy for me to keep reading a page while throwing open tabs to check out when I’m done with the page at hand. It’s a good way to check a bunch of things at the same time. And it’s just so darned easy. Between that clickwheel trick and using CTRL-TAB to cycle between tabs, I feel like a Firefox ninja.

–Chris Brogan…

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