One reason of procrastinating when you falling behind with your tasks


Why are you running away when you are felling behind with tasks on your to-do list? Is it because your workflow is not good enough? Maybe not. Peter Flaschner has wrote a pretty interesting article on his experience on this. He also link this topic to how brain functions. You will get all the answer in his article. Pretty interesting.

… Your brainstem really does equate missing an important deadline with danger. And when it detects danger, it changes your behavior. Run! Hide! Great when you’re being chased by a saber tooth tiger or a crazed ex-postal worker. Not so good when your to-do list is 100 items long. While the idea of running away from my keyboard is tempting, I’ve found through trial and experiment that it just doesn’t help…

Overcoming workflow paralysis – [Almost Cool]

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