Another list of tips I have found today is about rules on project manager. Jerry Madden, Associate Director of the Flight Projects Directorate at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, has 100 tips that he have learned over his years of experience of project management. I am totally attracted by the breadth and depth of these contents. Here are the sections of tips:

* The Project Manager
* Initial Work
* Communications
* People
* Reviews and Reports
* Contractors and Contracting
* Engineers and Scientists
* Hardware
* Computers and Software
* Senior Management, Program Offices, and Above
* Program Planning, Budgeting, and Estimating
* The Customer
* NASA Management Instructions
* Decision Making
* Professional Ethics and Integrity
* Project Management and Teamwork
* Treating and Avoiding Failures

One Hundred Rules for NASA Project Managers – [Jerry Madden]

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