No Mouse Shortcut Tips and Tricks


Life without mouse can increase your productivity – as usually press keyboard shortcut is faster then moving and click with your mouse. Shreyas at his blog talks about what are the ways to access your computer using keys. It is a good guide:

The mouse is an integral part of your day-to-day in this Techno age. Many of use cannot even imagine a life without a mouse and from what I have heard, Life without a mouse is the ultimate horror for some of my own friends. And yesterday I too received this nice error message from my own system “Windows failed to recognize mouse. Please shut off the Computer and reattach the mouse” despite the fact that my mouse was well connected to the port. So, I tried connecting everything tightly, even opened my mouse, checked all the wires and tried but to no avail. I didn’t have that much time and decided that I would work without it and well, here’s life without a mouse…

Life Without Mouse >> Tips & Tricks – [Chrono Tron]

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