No More Mr Yes


Phil Gerbyshak is exhuberant. You can see this the moment you land on his site. But one downside to being such a positive person (you’re this way too, right?) is that we tend to say YES all the time, when we should really consider saying no a little more often. Phil did a personal assessment, and immediately realized the impact this decision was having on his life:

I realize much of that is because of my fear of saying no to people. My strongest urge is not to be a pleaser and just say yes. My urge is that I feel like I can share my gifts in many areas, and by saying no I feel like my gifts will be somehow taken away or atrophied from lack of use. So I’m hopeful that by admitting my problem, and being intentional about what I say YES to, that I will be able to do MORE good than I could if I said yes to everything.

Phil’s still wrestling with what to do to get back to center, and the comments on his post show that people are really reacting and resonating with what he’s discovered. What would you say to Phil about saying yes?

No More Mr Yes – [Make it Great]

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