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Happy Dave has a great (HUGE) series on how to make sense of the modern web. His first post discussed the software applications and tweaks one might consider adding to their systems to put together a good internet use experience.

His latest post is about making sense of the web using Firefox. It’s a nice, conversational-toned piece about what Firefox does right out of the install, and then some good links to useful resources. Here’s a sample of the writing style Dave uses to explain things:

Right, great, you’re back. Let’s try out your new extension, and, at the same time, show you another Firefox feature. If you’re an Internet Explorer veteran of any length of time, you’ll have your bookmarks (sorry, Favourites) organised in folders, which should have been imported across when you installed Firefox. Go to your Bookmarks menu, then select a folder with between 5 and 10 items in it. Select the option ‘Open in Tabs’.

As a full-on Firefox user (nay, ZEALOT), I’m excited to read such a friendly piece.

Making Sense of Firefox – [Happy Dave]

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