New Service: ServerSideWiki


TiddlyWiki + Ruby On Rails + Ajax = ServerSideWiki.

A simple formula that really may make your life easier. If you don’t like TiddlyWiki (or GTDTiddlyWiki) because you don’t like to store the html file locally, or you want to access the wiki from any computer with Internet access, ServerSideWiki should be the tool for you:


… All the power of TiddlyWiki, but now ServerSide… accessible from anywhere in the world.

It’s pretty simple really… What you’d seeing is a highly customized version of TiddlyWiki with some RubyonRails magic mixed in turning it into more of a one-person website publishing tool.

Advantages over other Tiddly’s:
1. ServerSide hosting… your data is available anywhere.
2. same look and feel of GTDTiddlyWiki
3. painless upgrades, just login or refresh
4. public visitors can’t edit or add items to your site (even locally)

You will have a subdomain (i.e. to access your page after registration. The only downside is there aren’t any option to disable the page being public viewable. So do not store any sensitive data inside.

ServerSideWiki – Powered by RubyonRails and TiddlyWiki

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