If you don’t like iTunes for one reason or the other, you may have a better alternative. We have found Winamp iPod Plugin which allows you to manage your iPod from within the winamp media library. It supports all versions of iPod, from generation 1 up to the iPod shuffle.

Winamp plugin for iPod

Latest version 1.20 includes following changes:

  • Autofill for iPod Shuffles
  • Advanced naming of files copied to iPod
  • Sync now updates modified songs
  • Last played and playcount updated when playing songs via mlipod
  • Reads play counts from the iPod Shuffle
  • Optionally detect “Fake” iPods
  • Switched to a better random number generator for playlist shuffling
  • Fixed send-to from playlist (and associated length error)
  • Fixed hitting Cancel during a transfer
  • Fixed ratings sync
  • Fixed ipod size statistics

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