New mind model: Mental processing is not like computer


Scientist used to think our mind works like computer but in recent study there are evidences to prove it may not be true. Through tests of a computer program showing instructions to click on pictures of different objects, the study showed the mind may work like “biological organism – dynamic continuum, cascading through shades of grey.”:

… “For decades, the cognitive and neural sciences have treated mental processes as though they involved passing discrete packets of information in a strictly feed-forward fashion from one cognitive module to the next or in a string of individuated binary symbols — like a digital computer,” said Spivey. “More recently, however, a growing number of studies, such as ours, support dynamical-systems approaches to the mind. In this model, perception and cognition are mathematically described as a continuous trajectory through a high-dimensional mental space; the neural activation patterns flow back and forth to produce nonlinear, self-organized, emergent properties — like a biological organism.”…

New mind model – [Cronell News]

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