New Learning Rejuvenate the Brain, Losing Sleep undoes it


Brightsurf has a good article recently on the relationship between brain, sleeping and learning. The article is pretty technical, but two good pieces of information you can grab from it which are benefit for our readers: Learning appears to rejuvenate the brain; and lack of sleep undoes the rejuvenation benefit from learning. Hence it is quite important to take two things seriously everyday: to learn something everyday to keep our brain young and strong, and also get enough sleep everyday:

As the pace of life quickens and it becomes harder to balance home and work, many people meet their obligations by getting less sleep.

But sleep deprivation impairs spatial learning — including remembering how to get to a new destination. And now scientists are beginning to understand how that happens: Learning spatial tasks increases the production of new cells in an area of the brain involved with spatial memory called the hippocampus. Sleep plays a part in helping those new brain cells survive….

Losing sleep undoes the rejuvenating effects new learning has on the brain – [Brightsurf]

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