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Neat Brings the Paperless Lifestyle to Android with NeatMobile

One of the most difficult things about getting into a paperless lifestyle is dealing with the incoming paper items that happen to show up throughout our day. Our receipts, important information that someone wrote down, printouts from meetings, and more usually don’t make it into our digital filing system until we collect them, put them in an inbox, and process and scan them later.

There are plenty of options out there that will help you go paperless, but today The Neat Company took another big step forward in releasing NeatMobile for Android, allowing Android users that use Neat’s Digital Filing System the option of collecting all of that information on the go with their Android phone.


Neat has announced and made available their brand new app, NeatMobile for Android. This app allows Neat Digital Filing System users to quickly capture all of the things that they may need or want to file while on the go. The app then can sync all of that data from the phone down to the user’s Neat Digital Filing System either through a WiFi connection to the software or with access to the NeatCloud.

Capture on the go

One of the best things about NeatMobile is simply that NeatMobile can be with you anywhere and everywhere. Because of this, users that are tying to take the paperless lifestyle to its ultimate end don’t have to worry about even collecting paper to scan for later while on the go. Now they can simply pull out their Android phone, scan the item, and save it for later filing or instant filing through Neat’s NeatCloud.

NeatMobile reminds me of other apps for iPhone and Android like JotNot Pro or Document Scanner in that they can easily scan documents and make a very readable image. The only big difference between those types of apps and NeatMobile is that NeatMobile is contained within the Neat Digital Filing System ecosystem, which makes the experience that much more complete.

It’s cool to see Neat quickly move to the forefront of the personal paperless revolution with NeatMobile and their suite of related digital filing products. Here at Lifehack, we are staunch proponents of going paperless — we have talked about going paperless a lot in the past — and it looks like using The Neat Company’s products is one of the best ways to dive in.

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