Lisa over Management Craft has written an experience from her on comparing multi-tasking vs focusing. Should you be doing tasks or projects concurrently, or you should leave a bigger chunk of time for you to do one project only (focusing). She found out focusing (she calls it chunking) is more effective:

… I am straddling several large projects right now. All of them important and all of them clamoring for my attention. I decided to do a test and take longer chucks of time to focus on each instead of doing the concurrent multi-tasking thing. Over the last 4 days, I assigned entire days to focus on a project. Each day a different focus. When my mind started to wander, I shut my thoughts down and filed them away until it was their time. I got so much done!!!!!…

What are your experience on multi-tasking, or setting larger block of time to complete your project? Which one do you prefer?

Death to Multi-tasking! Long live chunking! – [Management Craft]

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