Motivation Hack with Business Cards


Wayyyyyy back when, Covey told us in the 7 HABITS that we should imagine our funeral. What would people be saying about us at that funeral? Morbid but useful, the exercise is meant to have us focus on what we hope the sum of our life would sound like coming out of a loved one’s mouth. Try that, but then, try this:

Business Card from Two Years From Now

Go to VistaPrint and get some of their “free” business cards (you pay for shipping and the like, but it’s a really good deal, and the ones I got look really good!). But here’s the hack: put your company name and job title down as if it’s two years out from now.

What will it say? Where will it be? Is this your own company? Your consulting card? Is this what represents you to a new future?

No, blow the $6 (USD) and buy these cards. Get them shipped to your house. Open up that box, and slip these cards into your pocket, your planner, your stuff you carry around. Tack one on the wall.

Want to really open this up? Hand them out to people. Tell them you’re going to be doing what it says on the card in two years, and to stay tuned.

There’s nothing like viewing your future in physical form. I’ve got cards in my pocket today that say what I will be doing next. They show my new, self-created title. They give me authority to dream, to think, to consider.


And, it’s a little nicer than a tombstone.

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