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If you haven’t already heard about Share Your OPML, it’s quite a concept: It’s a site where people or sites share the address to their RSS feed, thus making it far easier to gather up new sites to add to your RSS reader of choice.

The case for skimming more content via a single RSS reader is evident. One doesn’ t have time to visit every site they want to read, and further, if that site doesn’t have an update, it’s even less reason to go and see what’s changed since last time. Pulling all your content into one browser window or client-side application and just reading all the posts that appeal to you in that format is a time saver, bar none.

It’s also a great way to find new ideas through the aggregate of other people’s experiences.

If you want the entire TOP 100 for the site, select the XML box at the very bottom of the page, and that would guarantee you quite a collection of thought leaders to peruse on any given day.

Share Your OPML – via [Jon’s Radio Blog]

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