After the wide spread of GTDTiddlyWiki news from various lifehacking site (lifehacker, 43 Folders and here, GTD/lifehack fans have been wild on saving this amazing one html javascripted file and they can do GTD and print out 3×5 cards.

Here are some tips:

  • Remember to go to Option on the side bar and disable animations. This speed up my productivity on using this tool
  • Go ahead and rename the context. After you rename the context page, to modify the sidebar short cut, you have to open the html file in your text editor, find and replace the old page name to new page name. (Does anyone have better ways on doing this?)
  • Download the latest version of GTDTiddlyWiki. It is now auto-save, you don’t have to press alt-S to save anymore.
  • Remember to read How to Upgrade if you already are using it.
  • It is really handy to save it to your USB flash stick. Go anywhere, plug your USB drive into PC and open with your browser.

Go to 43 Folders and read more discussions on how to use GTDTiddlyWiki

Comments on the above tips?

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