Mistakes My Grammar Made


Tech Republic wants you to be nicer to your grammar.

These days, we tend to communicate via the keyboard as much as we do verbally. Often, we’re in a hurry, quickly dashing off e-mails with typos, grammatical shortcuts (I’m being kind here), and that breezy, e.e. cummings, no-caps look. It’s expected. It’s no big deal. But other times, we try to invest a little care, avoiding mistakes so that there’s no confusion about what we’re saying and so that we look professional and reasonably bright.

I agree with the premise. I’ve received mail and even worse, printed material from folks and when something like this pops out, it immediately makes you think less of the sender, regardless of the eventual CONTENT of the letter.

Give this a read.

10 Flagrant Grammar Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid – [Tech Republic]

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