Is it just me, or do you run into that situation often where you try plugging in a USB cord for something like your memory stick, or a peripheral like your scanner or your iPod, and you get it wrong the first few tries? Bonk. Nope. Bonk. Nope. Slot. That really started bugging me, so I took action.

This is so simple, I’m almost embarrassed to put it out as a hack.

I took a Sharpie and I made a big giant visible BLACK MARK on the side that had to face me when the cord is slotted correctly. I repeated this for every USB cable I use with my computer. Now? It just works like buttah baby.

Bonus: I have lots of USB cables for various things (camera, iRiver, iPod, PDA, etc). I stuck a little label on each one and threw them in a wall-mounted basket so I don’t have to fish around and try to find the right one by the “attempt to plug it in” method.

Stupid hack or maybe just something to ease a pain point: you decide.

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