Meetings Best Practices


Bill at bBlog points us to an article at Open Loops about best practices for being a meeting participant. I like the spin, because there are lots of posts out there about how to run meetings, but of course, for every one person running a meeting, there are plenty more sitting there twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do.

Bert Webb covers what one might consider as a participant before attending a meeting, during the meeting, and post.

  • Get an agenda ahead of time
  • Acquire the proper tools
  • Attend
  • Assign Next Actions to Participants
  • Establish deadlines
  • Relax
  • Do all Next Actions That Take Less Than Two-Minutes
  • Defer all Next Actions That Will Take Longer Than Two-Minutes
  • Update Your Meeting File

The article defines all these in a little more detail.

Meeting Best Practices – [Open Loops]

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