Greatest Tools #4: Margarine Tubs with Clear Lids


Number 4 of 10 on the Greatest Tool of All Time List.

The only known protection to the hole in the time space continuum is the clear-lidded-empty-margarine-tub. Without it all of your smaller than a breadbox items will be lost forever.

What is it good for?

  • Keep the needle for your basketball safe inside.
  • Corral your lose paper clips and thumb tacks.
  • Grab some plaster of Paris and stick junior’s foot in. Send it to Grandma. It’s a definite in for the will.
  • Cut a slit in the top. It makes a handy change bank.
  • Poke a few holes in the bottom and it makes a great seed starter.
  • Poke air holes in the lid and let your kid use it to collect bugs.
  • Concrete anchor. Fill it with concrete and use it to keep your “divers down” flag from floating away.
  • Dog dinner. If you need to take your dog on a day trip, it will hold enough grub for about 1 feeding.
  • Paint container. It’s just the right size for touch ups and trim.
  • Bait container. Poke a few holes in the lid and add some worms and wet newspaper. There is nothing better for keeping your bait handy.
  • Ok, folks I ran a spell and grammar check on this post. It wasn’t nearly as much fun.

    Readers gave great tips on the additional uses for WD-40. What have you got for empty margarine tubs?

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