Manifesto: Bet This! A Gambler's Guide to Leadership


Eileen Shapiro, the co-author of Make Your Own Luck : 12 Practical Steps to Taking Smarter Risks in Business, has written a ChangThis Manifesto called Bet This! A Gambler’s Guide to Leadership. She believes that betting is a part of everyday life. She believes leadership is the ability to bet well on action to create futures from uncertainty. There are four tests which reflects to four requirements to lead better, by betting better. They are: Orient, Organize, Predict and Act:

… Now to the heart of this manifesto: four tests of leadership and one proxy. The four tests correspond to the four must-haves of building the capacity to lead by betting better. My
co-author on Make Your Own Luck, Howard Stevenson, and I summarize these four under the acronym OOPA—the Orient, Organize, Predict and Act. You can use these tests four tests to gauge your own leadership skills, or assess the leadership potential of someone else. The proxy is designed to provide a way to assess to whom you want cede your bets to when you are several steps removed from the person you are evaluating—when choosing between mutual funds managers, for example, or between political candidates, or deciding whether to purchase shares in a company Steve Jobs is running or even whether to accept an offer to work for Jobs in one of his ventures…

It is a pretty good read for Sunday morning.

Bet This! A Gambler’s Guide to Leadership – [Eileeon Shapiro at ChangeThis]

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