Managing your magazine subscriptions


If you are subscribing too many magazine, then this life hack may suitable for you. Ken Norton has posted a article on how to manage your subscriptions – how to draw a line on what to subscribe and what to unsubscribe. He mentioned nine ways:

  • Make a list of every magazine subscription.
  • Rank the magazines in the order in which you’d like to read them.
  • Note the frequency, Kenneth.
  • Consider keeping anything that is quarterly.
  • Draw a three hour line.
  • Cancel any weekly subscriptions below the line.
  • Cancel any below-the-line magazines that are associated with memberships.
  • Consider canceling most other subscriptions below the line.
  • Recycle all of those old magazines.

I do not usually subscribe any magazine but I buy them off from newstand on lunchtime or weekend. This tends to save me quite a bit of money because not every issue is interesting to me. This tips still be useful for me to draw a line on when I should stop buying magazine on the month.

Lifehack: Managing your magazine subscriptions – [Hey Norton! – Ken Norton’s blog]

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