Lance Auther at Just Write wrote a pretty intensive guide on how to choose the right clothing for man. The article includes the sections for how to choose good shirt, pants, suit and shoes. Things You Should Never Wear is the final section that really worth to read:

… Bow ties: Frankly, you’re not weird enough to wear a bow tie. Bow ties may be worn with tuxedos, but how often are you going to wear a tuxedo? Bow ties say something about the wearer, and what they say is, “This guy is a Loser with a capital L and having sex with him would be about as exciting as watching paint dry.”

V-neck T-shirts: I’ve been asked about this on a number of occasions, specifically “What is your big concern about V-neck T-shirts? I wear them and I like them.” I guess I have nothing against them or you for wearing them, per se, but I just do not understand the point of them. If you want someone to see your neck, don’t wear a T-shirt. What’s the use of showing an extra 2 inch V-shaped piece of your neck? And wearing a V-neck T-shirt under a V-neck sweater (of which I own a few and often wear with and without crew neck T-shirts) is just plain odd, to me. I can’t even justify my feelings in this regard, it just feels wrong, like wearing your T-shirt backwards or discovering you put the wrong lids on the wrong jars even though they fit, but they’re the wrong lids. Wear crew necks.

Nehru jackets: Unless you are an evil genius…

Lance’s Guide to Man Grooming, Part 4: Clothing Optionals – [Just Write]

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