Make Your Own Closet Rod Dividers


This is a one of the useful lifehacks for your closest. At Ricky’s RAM Dump blog, Ricky mentioned that he used to spend too much time to search for specific clothes in closet. He ran across some closet dividers online but it costs over $10. So he decided to share his PDF template on closet rod divider:

closet rod dividers template pdf

… All you have to do is print my Closet Rod Divider PDF file onto cardstock and follow the step-by-step directions on the printout. (Printer dialogue options vary depending on which program you use to view and print PDF files. Make sure that you turn off any page scaling or shrinking options or else the closet rod hole may be too small). Label your Closet Rod Dividers and slide them onto your closet rod. As you can tell from the picture, I keep my dividers to the left of my clothes with the labeled tab folded over the type of clothes on the right. If you find other applications for this, or just find it incredibly useful yourself, be sure to let me know! …

Hack Your Closet – Make Your Own Closet Rod Dividers – [Ricky’s RAM Dump]

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