Mail yourself iCal Todos


Applescript can do a lot of things to your Mac, and here is one of the examples. Here is a script where you can setup Mail to receive a remote Todo entry via email, and the filter runs this applescript and it will be moved to iCal.

This is a useful hack because if you can record any quick todo wherever you want (with Internet connection):

Don’t you love how Applescript looks? Anyway, paste in Script Editor, compile, notice it looks even better with colour and indenting, save the resulting script somewhere sane, and make a new Rule in Mail to process e-mails. The minimum I would recommend is a subject check on it beginning with ‘TODO: ‘. Add other checks as you see fit. Last, set the action to ‘Run Applescript’ and point to the script (really? yes.)

Mail yourself iCal Todos – []

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