Lighten your keychain


DIY Mods has a good hack to do with your key chains. Many stores has discount cards, which you have to carry on your keychain. This hack help you to remove them and lighten your pocket. It involves to print all those barcode into a card which you can carry in your wallet:

Lighten up the keychain

… So I came up with this idea after about the 47th grocery store discount card I hard to sign up with. I was tired of my pocket looking like I was storing supplies for winter (you know, like chipmunks with their cheeks). It’s a card for your wallet that contains the barcodes for all those discount stores. I have the shoe store, pet store, and about 5 grocery stores on mine. I just whip out the card, tell them which barcode to scan, get a weird look and a question, and then I’m on my way…

Feature: Lighten your keychain – [DIY Mods]

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