Lifehack Live for January 7, 2008 - Scott Young



Lifehack Live

Happy New Year everyone!

This week on Lifehack Live, I talked with Scott H. Young of and Scott and I discussed studying and learning, goals and motivation, and changing your habits to make you a more productive person. Scott also disccussed his recent e-book “How to Change a Habit“, and his current work in progress on holistic learning. For more information and to download sample chapters of his ebook, visit Scott’s website.

This week didn’t go off without a hitch, of course — there were some technical difficulties with the sound at the beginning, and some static on one of the phone lines. On the other hand, we had our first caller, Mick from Australia.

Don’t forget to enter our drawing for a free db clay wallet!

Next week we’ll broadcast and record live at 10 am (Pacific Standard Time), Thursday, January 10. Join us live at BlogTalkRadio.

Thanks for listening.

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