Lifehack Digest for November 21

  • 10 Lesser Known Ways to Increase Productivity
    Scott Young writes at PickTheBrain about 7 (I know, the title says 10 — you get 30% off for Black Friday, I think) parts of productivity we don’t think of much, including diet, our working rhythm, and the space we work in.
    Tags: productivity strategy design planning diet
  • Overcoming The Biggest Roadblock In Life Design
    Alex Shalman suggests some strategies for facing the decisions that otherwise hold us up. Decision paralysis can keep us not only from not doing things we want to do but from doing anything at all!
    Tags: decision_making choice personal_development
  • Turkey with a side of improvement at 11 Symphonies
    Eric at Symphonies suggests keeping a journal of your Thanksgiving planning (though it would apply equally well to any complex event) so that you can analyze your mistakes and create reminders for next time.
    Tags: thanksgiving reminder productivity journal self_analysis

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