Lifehack Digest for November 14

  • Force Yourself To Save! 15 Painless Ways To Pay Yourself First
    The Digerati Life offers up a list of tips about building your savings. While some of the advice you’ve heard before — “pay yourself first” — TDL explains how to move from cliche to action.
    Tags: finance money advice saving
  • A Roadmap to Spectacular GTD Failure
    Cranking Widgets explains in some detail how NOT to do GTD. Not being specific about your tasks and projects, not carrying some means to record your thoughts as they occur to you, not keeping yourself organized — lead to worry and leaving things undone.
    Tags: gtd organization advice
  • Free Online Storage Service Reaches Out to Other Free Apps
    New sevice OpenBox integrates’s online storage with online productivity apps like ThinkFree, Zoho, Picnik, EchoSign, and others. And developers are invited to use the API to develop future apps.
    Tags: online apps storage webapp

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