• Parental Enthusiasm and Childhood Branding
    Advice from The Simple Dollar for parents struggling to avoid or at least minimize theimpact of the powerful marketing forces directed at their kids. Ideas on how to avoid branded toys and other items and, as they grow, to explain how marketing works.
    Tags: toys branding parenting children consumerism
  • Five Tips for the GTD Beginner
    A good reminder of GTD basics from Hidden Dragon BizBlog. Build a trusted system, get the right tools for the job, focus on next actions, follow through, and be aware of what works and what doesn’t work. Includes links to other useful GTD posts.
    Tags: gtd advice tips tools
  • Public Domain Collection
    A flickr-based collection of public-domain images from US government sources. Material produced by the US gov’t belongs to the public and can be used freely. Some good stuff here, including historical images, photos of government officials, and posters.
    Tags: photography free images photos

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